Stryn vidaregåande skule

Leonardo da Vinci moblitet

Gjennom Leonardo mobilitet får deltakarane mulegheit til å tileigne seg og dele ny kunnskap, ferdigheiter og kvalifikasjonar.
Leonardo mobilitet skal gjere fag- og yrkesopplæringa meir attraktiv og relevant. Programmet skal legge til rette for mobilitet, vidareutvikling av kvalitet og nyskaping innanfor fag- og yrkesopplæring.
Programmet er ein del av EUs program for livslang læring (LLP).

Stryn vidaregåande skule August 2011 - July 2018
"Building and Construction Education and Training across the Boarders"

"Building and Construction Education and Training across the Boarders" is a Leonardo da Vinci Mobility project.
Stryn College, Måløy College and the regional Education and Training Office for apprentices, BYGGOPP, is the sending organisations.
Stryn College is the coordinator of the project.
The participants in the project is 2nd year students at the Building and Construction programme, 2nd year apprentices, teachers and instructors from local and regional enterprices.

Main goals;
* Share experience in the Building and Construction education and training in the cooperating countries
* Try to bring better understanding and importance of the education and training on the same level
* Look at the traditions and the development of new methods in the field of building industry across national borders
* To obtain knowledge, experience,skills and competence across the boarders
* Provide knowledge about other cultures and be good European citiznes
* Enhance and develop their English language skills
* Students, apprentices, instructors and teachers will obtain international experience and knowledge during cooperation
and work experience in an intercultural environment
* Develop the teachers and instructors proffesion skills during cooperation with international schools and enterprices
* To integrate secondary and higher Building and Construction education together
* Carry through the strategies and main goals in local, regional, national and European main documents
* That this project will increase the professional quality, strengten the applications to the study lines and carry back international knowledge to our schools, local and regional enterprices.

The receiving partners in the project is København Tekniske skole and Krosno State College in Poland. The Letter of Intent have been signed by the partners in the project. The partners and participants in this project are all working in the field of Education and training in the Building and Construction Schools and Industry.
Expected results;
* The participants and partners have obtained greater value of skills and learning
* The participants and partners have obtained work experience , provided international networks and developed knowledge
about other cultures
* The participants and partners have gained a greater insight and appreciation for their future proffesion
* Broaden horizons and raise intercultural awareness
* Provide international knowledge and competence to schools and enterprices